Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dustin's Story

Dustin Strelsky
Age 13

Children’s Hospital at Scott & White

Spinal Cord Injury

Dustin’s life changed forever the moment he, along with his mother and sister, were in a car crash. All three sustained injuries but Dustin’s were the most serious. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital at Scott & White. Dustin would endure five separate surgeries to mend fractures in his face, a broken jaw, and several internal injuries. Because of severe trauma to his spinal cord, he also had two metal pins put in the back of his neck. Unfortunately, he would never regain the use of his lower body.

Dustin never put limits on his life before the accident, and he never did after either.

He had been planning to play football the next fall, and his parents and teachers were apprehensive about how he would feel returning to school with his new physical limitations. But they had nothing to worry about. Dustin was invited to be a part of the football team and has become an energetic part of every practice, game and pep rally. He’s also training to play tennis with a goal of making it to the Special Olympics.

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